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Kitchen tap


ROCKWELL Kitchen tap

The taps are available with metal cross tops. In addition we offer the coloured ceramic cross tops separately so that they can be exchanged at any time later. Of course compatible only with the ROCKWELL series.

Kitchen tap

25045.03 ChromeCHF 1390.00
25045.01 Polished NickelCHF 1440.00
25045.02 Brushed NickelCHF 1580.00
25045.04 Polished brassCHF 1440.00

Additional crossheads (sold individual)

25811.03.99 Ceramic crosshandle for Chrome tapCHF 120.00
25811.01.99 Ceramic crosshandle for polished Nickel tapCHF 125.00
25811.02.99 Ceramic crosshandle for brushed Nickel tapCHF 125.00
28511.02.99 Ceramic crosshandle for polished Brass tapCHF 125.00

VAT not included


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