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Kitchen tap


Küchenarmatur with crosstop finest quality handmade in england
London kitchen batterie with porcelaine handles traditional

Large kitchen mixer tap with a swivel spout. This tap is available with cross tops, white or black porcelaine handles.

Made in England.

Chrome from stock/other finishes by request

Kitchen tap

27022.03 Chrome with cross topsCHF 790.00
27022.01 Polished Nickel with cross topsCHF 875.00
27022.02 Brushed Nickel with cross topsCHF 950.00
27022.04 Polished brass with cross topsCHF 1065.00
27022.03.80 Chrome with white porcelaine handlesCHF 790.00
27022.01.80 Polished Nickel with white porcelaine handlesCHF 878.00
27022.02.80 Brushed Nickel with white porcelaine handlesCHF 950.00
27022.04.80 Polished brass with white porcelaine handlesCHF 1065.00
27022.03.83 Chrome with black porcelaine handlesCHF 790.00
27022.01.83 Polished Nickel with black porcelaine handlesCHF 878.00
27022.02.83 Brushed Nickel with black porcelaine handlesCHF 950.00
27022.04.83 Polished brass with black porcelaine handlesCHF 1065.00

VAT not included