Extractor bonnet

There is a matching extractor bonnet for every LACANCHE cooker. It is recommended to order an extractor bonnet that is 20 cm wider than the hob. This means that for a 100 cm wide hob, a 120 cm wide extractor bonnet is recommended. The extractor bonnets can be ordered in the same colour as the hob.


We sell fan motors from the Belgian company NOVY to match the bonnets. The products are of very high quality and match the bonnet perfectly. It is also possible to use a different fan motor. In this case, the technical data of the motor must be provided so that the appropriate cut can be made in the factory.


When ordering, it is necessary to know whether the bonnet is operated with exhaust air or recirculated air. There are maintenance-free filters for the motors, and the chimney top is also perforated in this case.



Extractor bonnet

LA90LHSP90 cm
CHF 3'390.00
LA110LHSP110 cm
CHF 3'530.00
LA120LHSP120 cm
CHF 3'650.00
LA130LHSP130 cm
CHF 3'650.00
LA160LHSP160 cm
CHF 3'860.00
LA170LHSP170 cm
CHF 3'990.00
LA200LHSP200 cm
CHF 4'520.00
LA240LHSP240 cm
CHF 5'880.00
Delivery time: 4 months
Prices exclusive of VAT.

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90 cm
110 cm
120 cm
130 cm
160 cm
170 cm
200 cm
240 cm


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