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Since 1796

The history of LACANCHE goes back to the 18th century. The classic cookers were manufactured in the village of the same name in Burgundy. Due to its large iron deposits, Burgundy was already known in those days for its cast iron production centre.

To this day, the factory where the renowned cooking stations are manufactured and assembled is located in the same historic buildings of yesteryear.

Manual labour

Every LACANCHE cooker is assembled by hand with care and precision. A craft that is rarely found in Europe today.

The family business LACANCHE attaches great importance to longevity, sustainability, quality and tradition.

The technology has continued to develop over the generations and LACANCHE appliances are manufactured to the highest safety standards.

We also have the devices certified by the SVGW.

From classic to modern

The classic gas hob, the still highly valued Ceramic glass-ceramic and the modern Induction hob. LACANCHE cleverly combines gas and electric.

It is possible, for example, to combine a LACANCHE hob with a gas hob, additional induction zones and an electric oven.

Customised for every kitchen

Every LACANCHE is made to order. The modular design of each freestanding cooker offers countless possibilities.

The 70 cm to 220 cm wide cookers offer a suitable solution for every project. The height of each LACANCHE can also be customised on request.

Hob extensions

On models from 110 cm wide, the hob can be supplemented with countless options. The ingenious additions enable the preparation of complex dishes, as in the catering sector.

Some examples are

The Teppan Yaki which makes it possible to sear a wide variety of foods with little effort, without losing the important nutrients and vitamins.

Popular in the catering trade, Bain-marie/Steamer with which food can be gently cooked in a water bath.

Vegetables and other foods can be optimally steamed or steamed.

The bain-marie can also be supplemented with the appropriate accessories so that you can cook directly in the hob, for example pasta.


One of the characteristic features of LACANCHE cookers are the lightfast enamel colours.

There are 24 different colours to choose from. Enamel is a natural material that is applied to the fronts and baked at 850 °C.

As enamel absorbs and reflects light, it creates a beautiful lustre and incredible depth.

Control elements

Handles, drawer knobs and handle end pieces are made from cast or stamped metal parts and then polished.

They are available in various finishes: Polished brass, polished chrome, matt chrome steel and polished nickel.

These coloured and metallic notes, together with the enamel colours, give the Koch piano its unique character.

Polished brass
Polished brass (standard)
Matt chrome steel
Matt chrome steel
Polished chrome
Bright nickel

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