Handmade kitchen sink

Kitchen sink

Solid kitchen troughs made of hard stoneware.
Made in England.

Handmade in England

Our sinks are manufactured in the north of England in a very traditional factory. For over 120 years, the sinks have been manufactured by hand in an unchanged process.

The complex process requires a great deal of expertise and patience.

First, a "mould" or casting form is made by hand. After a few days drying time, a special hard stone mixture can be carefully poured into the mould by hand. As soon as the hard stoneware has reached the correct moisture content, the mould is carefully removed. The basin is then refined using special tools. Once it is flawless, the firing process begins, which takes place in several stages on different
temperatures. This lengthy process takes several weeks. Before the last kiln cycle, the glaze is applied, which is added to the
cymbal its unmistakable brilliance.

Hard stoneware is a very solid and robust material, which gives the kitchen sinks their durability ...and with a little care will last for generations.

Kitchen sink

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